Organizational Announcement: Erica Moynihan promoted to Senior Vice President

Organizational Announcement: Erica Moynihan promoted to Senior Vice President

To: All Employees
From: Renee Jordan, CEO

RE: Organizational Announcement:Erica Moynihan promoted to Senior Vice President

We started out this fiscal year in June with a lot of uncertainty about how the pandemic and economic challenges would impact our business, and about how the remote working environment would challenge our productivity. One thing I was certain about then, and more so now, is that this company has a high-performing consumer marketing team, led by Erica Moynihan.

We are just over the mid-point of our financial year, and on the other side of the peak holiday campaign period for our direct-to-consumer sales. What’s clearer now is that we are having a successful year.

I am pleased to announce that Erica Moynihan has been promoted to SVP, Consumer Marketing. Erica joined the company in 2015 as Marketing Director. She was the lead executor of the digital customer acquisition strategy for the company, bringing innovative marketing approaches and executing effective search, social and onsite campaigns for subscriptions and memberships. In 2018, Erica stepped up to the role of VP/Customer Acquisition & Engagement, where she has accelerated the performance of our continuity businesses.

When she started with the company, our digital membership roster was at 75,000 in total. Today, that count is 102,500 and growing.  Since 2018, Erica has led the growth of our continuity business revenue (subscriptions and memberships) by over $2.0 million. This is the fulcrum of our business strategy, and Erica and the team have demonstrated the ability to grow audiences, improve conversions, raise price, modernize creative approaches, and unlock new channels.

While Erica brings a smart, strategic approach to the business, perhaps more importantly, she is an outstanding manager with her team and an effective leader for the company. It is gratifying that we can recognize and celebrate the achievements of Erica and her team, as truly, we all have a part to play in our collective success.

In her expanded role, Erica assumes full responsibility for consumer marketing – digital and traditional sources, as well as the recently added planning function to her reporting structure. She is also working within her team to align roles and responsibilities for continued momentum and success.

Please me join me in congratulating Erica, and the whole team!