Organizational Announcement: Brian Magnotta Named Chief Operating Officer

Organizational Announcement: Brian Magnotta Named Chief Operating Officer

I am pleased to announce an expanded role for Brian Magnotta—he will now serve as Chief Operating Officer for the company. Brian will lead the operational strategy for the company, directing effective and efficient management of the primary business operating functions of the Taunton Press: product development, technology infrastructure, business applications, digital content production, print production for magazines and books, fulfillment operations,  vendor management and consumer regulatory compliance.

As you learned in the recent company update meetings, Brian’s role has evolved over the years beyond core technology duties to include a full range of the projects and responsibilities critical to our operating success. Brian leads the digital content production and digital development teams, managing and implementing the strategic roadmap to deliver effective, high-value digital products and services to our brand communities. He also oversees our customer fulfillment operations and service requirements with CDS. He has increasingly assumed responsibilities for consumer compliance, ensuring our products and services adhere to regulatory requirements in a rapidly evolving, complex landscape.

With this announcement, Brian will now oversee the full range of our operational functions. Print production, ad production, and the color center will move into his team. Rich Booth will report to Brian.

Since joining Taunton in 2015, Brian has delivered on several key initiatives that are shaping the successes we are experiencing now. These include a new infrastructure and platforms for our web sites, the execution and transition of fulfillment services to CDS, new product formats for our digital archive products, and development of new ecommerce platform. The recent launch of the project guides on is driving increased traffic, engagement, and conversions.

We are fortunate to have Brian on the leadership team. He is a natural collaborator, a strong manager, and a problem solver. He simplifies the process, and gets things done. I have no doubt Brian will continue to foster teamwork and collaboration between the management, product development, production, editorial, and marketing teams to find better ways to serve our customers and conduct our business.

Please join me in congratulating Brian and supporting him for our collective success.