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Threads eLetter

For Stitching Intricate Quilt Designs by Machine, Try Stippling

Diane Gaudynski offers a warm-up exercise for this free-motion quilting technique

with Diane Gaudynski

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An elegant choice for fill between designs in your next quilt is stippling, or sewing rows of stitches that are closer than 1/4 in. apart (sewing rows farther apart is called meandering). In this video, quilting teacher and lecturer Diane Gaudynski, of Pewaukee, Wis., demonstrates this technique in which simple shapes, such as "Mickey Mouse ears," are echoed randomly to create a complex design. Before quilting, Diane suggests, practice drawing your designs on paper.

Diane shares more of her machine-quilting tips in "The Exquisite Art of Quilting by Machine" in the February/March 2002 issue of Threads (#99).