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Threads is a bimonthly, how-to magazine celebrating garment sewing, design, embellishment, and machine and hand embroidery. We're always looking for new authors to help us bring fresh, exciting ideas, techniques, and information to our readers. If you've never written anything before, don't worry. We work with many first-time authors and are far more interested in your excellence in your craft and your innovative ideas than in your ability to spell or punctuate a sentence (that's where our editors come in).

We're interested in articles about construction and embellishment techniques, materials, tools, and design. We want the magazine to include both classic and innovative techniques, which produce the best results in the most streamlined manner possible. In particular, we're interested in articles on dressmaking, tailoring, patternmaking and alteration, fabrics, fitting, and embellishment. We're also looking for related articles on making interesting closures and buttons, and making unusual fabrics, as well as on intriguing ways of finishing edges and hems.

Our readers span the gamut of skill levels, from those just turning -- or returning -- to sewing, to those with advanced skills who may even be earning a living at their craft. To accommodate this broad range of readers, as well as those who work in or outside the home and have very little time for their favorite pastime, Threads includes articles geared toward several skill levels and degrees of complexity.

Threads has a paid circulation of about 90,000 readers. The magazine is four-color throughout, and its feature articles are uninterrupted by advertising.

Our point of view
Our emphasis is on teaching techniques, developing skills, understanding finishing details, and providing ample inspiration to help readers begin to create their own uses for this information. We focus on providing the basic information readers need in order to sew successfully.

We are a reader-written magazine (we don't use freelance writers) that looks at techniques and processes from the viewpoint of the curious, practical craftsperson who wants to know how and why things work. We want to know, for example, how and why you make a bound buttonhole or set in a sleeve the way you do, whether or not your method conforms to a classic technique. We're interested in the full range of technical information, from what you've discovered in your own workroom to the methods used in the garment industry to produce high-end, ready-to-wear and couture clothing. Our goal is to give home sewers the knowledge they need to create professional-looking garments and projects and have fun in the process.

Threads presents casually elegant, beautifully constructed, wearable garments and accessories. We're interested in exceptional examples of the techniques we present, whether their design is classic or cutting-edge. Because we feel that inspiring our readers is key, we work hard to create lively photography, illustrations, and layouts that enhance the technical information presented and make the magazine both accessible and a pleasure to read.

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Article proposals
If you would like to write an article for Threads, start by sending us a proposal. Here's what to include: a brief one- or two-paragraph summary of the article you have in mind; an outline of the ideas and points you'll cover; sample photographs of work illustrating the topic (quick snapshots are fine) or supporting fabric swatches if you have them. The idea is to give us an overview of what you're proposing with enough details and supporting information to help us carefully consider your proposal.

When we decide to pursue the article you're proposing, we'll contact you by phone or mail to clarify any questions and further explore the outline that you provided and discuss a timeline for the article delivery. Authors are not expected to provide photography or illustrations.

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Once we accept your article and have all of the necessary materials in hand, we'll agree upon a fee and send you a contract. We are buying exclusive first publication rights, the right to republish all or part of the article in print, electronic or other media, the right to use it on the Threads' Web site if we choose, and the right to excerpt it in promotional pieces for The Taunton Press. We have the right to edit, revise, and adapt the article as we deem appropriate. Once the contract has been signed and we receive your manuscript, we usually advance a partial payment to you. We pay the balance when we've completed the editorial process, and you have sent us all samples (if they were agreed upon in initial discussions). We'll also send you two complimentary copies of the issue when it has been published.

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We would be happy to discuss article ideas with you. If you have questions, feel free to call us at 800-309-9262 (from outside the United States, call 203-426-8171). If you are ready to submit a proposal, you may send it via postal mail to the following address:
  • Threads magazine
    The Taunton Press
    63 South Main St.
    Newtown, CT 06470-5506

You may also email your proposal to

We appreciate your interest in Threads.

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