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Threads eLetter

from Threads October/November 2006 (#127)

An Exposť on Deconstructed Seams
For a fashionable edge, turn seam allowances inside out
by the Threads editors

For years now, the Threads editors have been watching the deconstructed garment trends with interest and enthusiasm. We especially love to finger the delightfully raw seams in designer boutiques. In this technique article, Judith Neukam shows us how to distress super-sized seam allowances. Jennifer Sauer developed what she calls a "seam allowance sandwich:" She inserts a bias strip of chiffon, net, or organza between two exposed seam allowances. And Carol Fresia, our resident serger whiz, plays around with a deconstructed slot seam, butting two serged edges over wide satin band.

Photos: Jack Deutsch (left; hair and makeup, Christie McCabe) and Scott Philips (center and right)

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From Threads #127, pp. 38-43
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