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Threads eLetter

from Threads June/July 2006 (#125)

Discover the Best Proportions and Styles for You
This design tool helps you find your most flattering look
by Nancy Shriber

Anyone who shapes yardage into clothing aims to make garments that are beautifully constructed, fit well, and, most important, flatter the figure. But not all efforts are a success. In this article, Nancy Shriber -- a designer, educator, and author known for her flawless style -- guides the reader through a simple process to identify her most flattering silhouette by creating and using a personal croquis to evaluate a pattern. The croquis then guides alterations or modifications to improve fit and establish proportions that enhance the silhouette. Once an ideal shape is identified, it is easy to color the form according to your personal style.

Photos: Scott Phillips; croquis: Judith Neukam

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From Threads #125, pp. 51-55
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