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Threads eLetter

from Threads April/May 2006 (#124)

Decorative Wide Hems
For a designer edge, add a facing, then get busy with the dressy details
by Jennifer Sauer

Starting in the spring of 2004, designers started paying attention to hems, and the good news is that these big, bold statements are easy to create. In this article, associate editor Jennifer Sauer suggests garment styles that can support a wide hem and shows readers how to draft a simple hem facing from their skirt, pant, or jacket pattern. She then explains how to support the hem -- with interfacing or a skinny strip of hidden twill tape, horsehair, or ribbon for a sharp edge -- then sew it on. Plenty of design options are included.

Photos: Jack Deutsch (model) and Scott Phillips

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From Threads #124, pp. 54-58
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