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Threads eLetter

from Threads April/May 2006 (#124)

Amazing Lace
Using these techniques, it's versatile, forgiving, and surprisingly easy to sew
by Susan Khalje

Fine lace fabric used to be used only in special-occasion and bridal clothes. More and more, however, it's appearing in daywear, where it adds a feminine edge to blouses, dresses, and jackets. To help readers work with this appealing and distinctive fabric, contributing editor Susan Khalje compares three of the main types of lace (Chantilly, Alenšon, and guipure), explaining the types of garments for which each is best suited. In addition to discussing design strategies, Khalje also provides sewing techniques that ensure lovely, almost seamless results in this open-weave fabric.

Photos: Jack Deutsch (left), Scott Phillips (center and right)

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From Threads #124, pp. 30-37
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