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Threads eLetter

from Threads December 2005/January 2006 (#122)

Adjusting Pants from Waist to Seat
To fit the crotch area, consider depth and width. Then transfer your adjustment to the side seam.
by Joyce Murphy

Most sewers struggle with pants -- the only garment that must fit under and around the crotch -- because they often don't consider the space the torso takes up in pants. To create space for the body in pants, you need to consider crotch depth and width, not just crotch length (the standard measurement in most patterns). Joyce Murphy shares an important pattern adjustment she has developed for fitting the crotch area in a pant pattern, which involves transferring the needed adjustment to another area of the pant. Unlike the other two traditional pattern-adjustment method (the "slash-and-spread" and "adding to the crotch point" methods), the overall fit remains the same.

Photo left: Sloan Howard; drawing: Linda Boston; photo right: Jennifer Sauer

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From Threads #122, pp. 36-41
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