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Threads eLetter

from Threads October/November 2005 (#121)

Sewing is a Family Tradition
What moms and their kids can learn from each other
by Ruth Fresia and Carol Fresia

Over the past 60 years, sewing equipment has changed a lot, though basic sewing skills haven't. Looking back over their decades of sewing, the authors (a Threads associate editor and her mother) have compiled lists of the most important techniques, tools, and rules they've used. Topics listed include cutting out and fitting garments, finishing techniques, setting in sleeves, making buttonholes, collars and cuffs, using sergers, stabilizers, and fusibile interfacing, sewing with knits, pressing, and keeping sewing fun, rather than a chore.

Photo left: Joseph Kugielsky; hair and makeup: Dawn Louise; photos center and right: Sloan Howard

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From Threads #121, pp. 41-45
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