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Threads eLetter

from Threads October/November 2005 (#121)

Inside a Chanel Jacket
Subtle quilting, hand-finished seams, a chain weight hem, and fine trims are hallmarks of this classic garment
by Susan Khalje

Couturier Susan Khalje celebrates the 20th anniversary of Threads magazine with a close look at the ingenious handwork used in classic Chanel jackets. Susan guides you through the steps involved in creating signature Chanel touches, including the subtle quilting of loosely woven fabric to a soft lining/interlining, which gives the jackets their beautiful shape and makes them so lightweight and comfortable, as well as hand finishing the lining seams, inserting a chain weight at the hem, and applying special trim and buttons. The article concludes with a brief history of Coco Chanel and her timeless jacket design and a helpful source list for Chanel-style fabrics and trims.

Photo left: Jack Deutsch; hair and makeup: Sylvia Pichler; photos center and right: Jennifer Sauer

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From Threads #121, pp. 34-40
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