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Threads eLetter

from Threads August/September 2005 (#120)

Make a Pattern from Ready-to-Wear
Masking tape and a few other necessities are all you'll need to pull it off
by Jean Haas

Sewers know that making a pattern from a ready-made garment is none too easy or accurate without unstitching all of the seams and spreading the pieces out to trace. But Jean Haas developed an excellent method for capturing the exact shape of each pattern piece in a ready-made garment by using masking tape. Her process is so adaptable you could use it to copy the shape of your sofa cushion or make a pattern from your baseball cap. Using her method, you can easily copy your best-fitting pair of pants or recreate a favorite jacket without starting from scratch with a commercial pattern.

Photos: Sloan Howard

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From Threads #120, pp. 56-61
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