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Threads eLetter

from Threads August/September 2005 (#120)

Sew Clothes that Keep On Fitting
To alter your garments down (or up), work with the vertical seams and a revised sewing sequence
by Loretta Gjeltema

Fitting clothes during a period of weight loss (or gain) can be a tricky process, calling for many and complex alterations. Loretta Gjeltema presents a new way of approaching this, by selecting pattern styles that are easy to alter, using a novel sewing sequence that facilitates alterations, and employing construction techniques that are easily reversible so clothes can be taken apart in sections and resized. All of these techniques make it possible for a sewer to create a wardrobe of clothes that can accommodate up to a 20-pound weight loss -- meaning she can remain well-dressed in stylish, well-fitting clothes while she's trimming down.

Drawings: Christine Erikson

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From Threads #120, pp. 46-49
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