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Threads eLetter

An Online Extra to Threads magazine

Behind the Seams: Producing "Inside a Chanel Jacket"

An insider look at Threads' special tour of the Met's Chanel exhibition, fabric and trim shopping trip, and photo shoot

by Jennifer Sauer

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To celebrate our 20th anniversary, Threads asked Susan Khalje, an educator who trained at New York's couture salon Chez Cez et Bez and host of HGTV's "Sew Much More," to take readers on an in-depth tour of the haute couture methods used in classic Chanel jackets. There was definitely an excited buzz in the Threads offices as we developed the topic, not only because we were able to study and photograph historical Chanel jackets and creations from the design house's Fall 2005-2006 collection, but also because the early stages of this article ("Inside a Chanel Jacket"), which appears in the October/November 2005 issue (#121), coincided with the opening of the special Chanel exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art ( in New York City. See the slideshow for a photo journal of our travels.

Jennifer Sauer is an associate editor for Threads.

An Online Extra to Threads #121
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