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Threads eLetter

An Online Extra to Threads magazine

Exploring Design: Inspired by Threads Fashion Challenge 2004

Why hang on to your old issues of Threads? For inspiration, of course. Have a look at the ideas this year's challenge finalists found in their back issues.

by Carol Fresia

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Have you ever read an article in Threads and thought, "I'd like to try that myself someday?" Have a look at the slide show and see what happens when avid and enterprising sewers actually tackle the techniques from the magazine. The garments you see here were selected as finalists in the fifth "Inspired by Threads" fashion challenge, which invited readers to send in garments that included a technique or idea from issues No. 109 through No. 114.

The finalists were presented and the five winners were announced at a fashion gala held at the American Sewing Expo (, in Novi, Michigan, in October. For more details about the winning garments, look for Threads, No. 117 (February/March 2005).

Carol Fresia is an associate editor for Threads.

Photos: Sloan Howard

An Online Extra to Threads #117
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