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Threads eLetter

From the pages of Threads magazine

Threads Reversible Garment Challenge: The Inside (and Outside) Story

A slide show features finalist and winning garments designed by members of the Professional Association of Custom Clothiers

by Judy Neukam

Threads editors take a close look at a garment while judging the finalist entries. Photo: David Page Coffin.
For the fourth year, members of the Professional Association of Custom Clothiers (PACC) accepted a design challenge issued by Threads: We asked them to design a reversible garment with a collar and sleeves, and specified that there be a functional closure on both sides. The challenge-takers were allowed to start with a commercial pattern or create an original design.

As ever, the Threads editors were floored by the innovative designs and high-quality construction of the entries, and had a difficult (but enjoyable) time narrowing the field down to 15 finalists. On June 21, 2003, the winners of the competition were announced by assistant editor Judy Neukam in Las Vegas, as the finale to PACC's annual conference and fashion show. To see the work of the 15 finalists and get both sides of the story yourself, click through our Slide show: 15 reversible garments.

If you'd like to know more about PACC and find out about next year's challenge, visit Here's a hint: It will be a coat of another stripe.

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This year's winners

Most Successful Garment Overall
Stacia Smith
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Most Surprising Transformation
Lena Stepanenko
Lebanon, New Jersey

Finest Garment Construction
Sharon Zydiak
High Bridge, New Jersey

Cleverest Closure
Dawn Jardine
Red Hook, New York

Audience Choice Award
Hazel Matthys
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Judy Neukam is assistant editor of Threads.

Slide-show photos: Scott Phillips

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