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Threads eLetter

From the pages of Threads Magazine

31 Basic Sewing Machines: The Line-up

Our downloadable chart tells you which machine has which features, so you can choose one wisely

by Carol Fresia and Judith Neukam

Open or download the 7-page PDF sewing machine chart. (Requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print PDF files.)

(Download should take approximately 1 minute on a 56K modem)
If you're shopping for a new, basic sewing machine, you know already that it's tough to keep track of what's available today. We've summarized the features of 31 basic models for you, in a chart you can print and take with you on your next outing to the sewing machine dealer's. We've even left you some spaces for your own notes and for reviewing machines not on the list.

For more details on choosing a sewing machine that's suited to your needs, look for the August/September 2002 issue of Threads (#102).

Compare the machines
Download our comparison chart to help you narrow the field, visit manufacturers' Web sites, take a test-drive at the dealer's, and find a machine that will work for you. Note the online chart is sorted alphabetically by manufacturer -- go to issue #102 to see the chart sorted by price.

Treat your machine right
Check out these two articles to learn how to maintain your new machine, and how to make the most of it with optional accessories.

Want to learn more?
For information on sewing -- from basic skills to couture techniques and industrial tricks -- and for inspiration, check out the August/September 2002 issue of Threads (#102), visit us here online, and get answers to your sewing questions on the Gatherings discussion board.

Carol Fresia and Judith Neukam are editors at Threads.

From Threads #102, pp. 51-58
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