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Threads eLetter

Top Threads Articles

We asked, you answered: Which articles in Threads' first 100 issues did you like best?

by the editors of Threads

100th issue The results of our survey are officially in, and we'd like to thank all the readers who cast a vote for their favorite Threads article. The top five articles reveal a range of interests within our readership, from technical topics to art-to-wear to designer inspiration. Take a look at the list below to see what your fellow sewing enthusiasts have enjoyed reading over the years.

Clone a fitting assistant
David Coffin's article "Clone Yourself a Fitting Assistant" featured three ways to make a custom dress form. One method, shown above, involves papier-mâché.
Fittingly, David Coffin gets top score
Of all the articles represented in the survey, David Page Coffin's "Clone Yourself a Fitting Assistant" received the most votes. David is a 17-year veteran at Threads, and has shown that a good editor and writer can breathe life into anything, even a plaster cast and duct tape. Click here to read an online version of David's article on making a custom dress form.

Most popular author? Marcy Tilton
Although many authors received multiple votes, Marcy outnumbered them all, with six articles making the Top 100 List. From T-shirts to Armani jackets, Marcy has revisited women's wardrobe staples and showed us how to improve our approach to sewing and style. For a sample of Marcy's Threads contributions, see her lesson on bias: Bias 101.

Top five articles
  • "Clone Yourself a Fitting Assistant"
    by David Page Coffin (No. 75, pp. 37-41)
  • "The Incredible, Reversible, One-Technique Jacket" by Bird Ross (No. 40, pp. 30-35)
  • "Not Your Ordinary T-Shirt"
    by Marcy Tilton (No. 65, pp. 62-67)
  • "Abstract Fabric Collage"
    by Kayla Kennington (No. 92, pp. 30-33)
  • "Remembering Adrian"
    by Mary Elliott (No. 94, pp. 72-77)

That's not all! Check out the Top 100 Threads articles. Back issues containing these articles can be purchased through The Taunton Store.

Winners of gift certificates
To thank our voters, we drew five names at random from those who participated in our poll. The following voters, all of whom are also subscribers, will receive a $35 gift certificate to The Taunton Store. Congratulations to Stefanie Freeman, Susan Hrunek, Teresa Kuhar, Mary Robinson, and Darlene A. Suchyta.

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