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Threads eLetter

An Online Extra to Threads magazine

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To see how digitizing machine-embroidery designs works, click your way through this slide-show demonstration

by Richards Jarden

Learning how to digitize designs for machine embroidery will open up a whole new world of embellishment possibilities. To become familiar with your software and to master the basics of planning the stitching sequence, start out with a simple design, such as a single-color, satin-stitched monogram.

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In this slide show, I demonstrate the way I determine how a monogram--one I designed -- should be embroidered and how I get the embroidery machine to understand my decision. As you click from step to step, you'll see that I planned a stitching sequence with no long jump stitches between one area of the design and the next, and each section of the design is completely embroidered before moving to the next section. Figuring out the best sequence is a little like working out a maze: It can be a challenge, but it's also fun.

By eliminating jump stitches and repeated repositioning of the needle, I reduced the chances of thread breakage, ensured that all the sections of the monogram are neatly connected, and ensured a speedy, efficient stitching process. Your embroidery will be neater and more efficient if you digitize thoughtfully. I've found that it's well worth spending time on this step to get great results easily when embroidering.

Richards Jarden digitizes monograms professionally. Read his article "Digitize and Stitch Your Monogram" in the April/May 2002 issue of Threads, and visit him at

Slide show: Richards Jarden

Online Extra to Threads #100
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