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Threads eLetter

From the pages of Threads Magazine

You be the judge

For The RS/WS Wool Challenge, we asked participants to select a wool fabric with a different, interesting reverse side, and create a garment or ensemble featuring this reverse side in some distinctive way. The wool could be paired with another fabric but had to make up at least 75 percent of the garment. We also asked them to incorporate into the design a lively closure.

Below you'll find the garments of the award winners and several finalists. Click on any image to enlarge the photo and find out details about the garment.

DeLynn Barrows

Judith Bixler

Fred Bloebaum

Rae Cumbie

Shirley Cunningham

Shirley Cunningham

Mary Beth Davis

Maureen Egan

Ila Katy Erickson

Leslie Haber

Pamela Howard

Linda Macke

Jennifer Phillips

Abby Riba

Patricia Robison

Lena Stepanenko

Linda Stewart

Terri Tipps

Sarah Veblen

From Threads #97, pp. 34-42
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Award Winners