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Threads eLetter

When Sewing a Softly Structured Top or Jacket from a Knit Fabric, Pick a Fusible Interfacing with the Right Qualities

Knits need support that doesn't entirely compromise their stretch. Listed in order of increasing structure, the interfacings below are soft, will preserve the fashion fabric's texture, and can be used for any interfacing function, from partial to allover support, if you like the effect after testing.

Brands SofKnit Textured weft Satin weave
Type Knit Weft Insertion Woven
Stretch All directions Crosswise and bias only Bias only
Comments Most versatile; subtle support for all fabrics. Useful for reinforcing all knits without changing stretch. Good for hems, pockets Ideal for spongy, lofty fabrics, such as pile and raschel knits. Arrange so that crosswise stretch of fabric is preserved. Good for hems, pockets. Ideal for collars and lapels. Cut on bias for undercollars and sleeve heads.

-- Sarah Veblen

Adapted from "Sewing Jackets from Knits," Threads magazine, February/March 2002 (#99), p. 48.

© 2002 The Taunton Press, Inc.

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