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Threads eLetter

Use Fold-over Stretch Trim as a Super-quick Neckline Finish for Knits

Just slip the cut edge of your garment inside the fold of the trim, and topstitch it in place. Here are the details:

To determine the binding length:
Sew the garment shoulder seams. Cut off the neckline seam allowance. Lay the binding on top of the neckline; pin it at the center front. On one side, gently stretch the binding from the center front to the center back, stretching more in the curved areas. Mark the center front and center back on the binding. Cut the binding to twice the length between the marks, plus center back seam allowances.

To sew on the binding:
Sew the center back seam, then slip the folded binding over the cut edge of the neckline and pin it in place, stretching only slightly at the neckline curves. Sew together with a short, straight stitch; gently stretch both the garment and the trim as you stitch, and use your scissors to push the neck edge of the garment snugly against the crease of the trim.

To make a tank top: Apply a piece of fold-over trim to the front and the back necklines, cutting the strip ends even with the armhole edges. Then, starting at the side seam, pin a length of trim to the front armhole; encase the end of the neckline and extend the trim to create a strap, then pin it to the back armhole. Check the fit, adjust, and stitch the trim in place.

-- Sarah Veblen

Adapted from "Neckline Finishes for Knits," Threads magazine, December 2002/January 2003 (#106), pp. 56-57; photos: Sloan Howard.

© 2003 The Taunton Press, Inc.

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