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Threads eLetter

Excerpted from Creative Surface Design

Creative Surface Design: Stamping

Add a personal touch to your garments and home furnishings with this inexpensive and easy technique

by Sandy Scrivano

Open or download the 12-page PDF file below. (Requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print PDF files.)

(Download should take approximately 3 minutes on a 56K modem)
As simple and straightforward as adding paint to a stamp and imprinting the image onto fabric, stamping is an easy-to-learn method for giving your clothing, accessories, and furniture a unique look. In this excerpt from Creative Surface Design, author Sandy Scrivano takes stamping to another level, providing basic stamping techniques and then going further with instructions on how to make your own stamps, how to combine colors, and how to stamp on various surfaces.

Sandy Scrivano is a clothing and interior designer. She is a regular contributor to Threads magazine and a speaker/teacher for numerous professional and special interest groups and schools. She lives in Sacramento, California.

Photos: Jack Deutsch and Ken Gutmaker

Excerpted from Creative Surface Design, pp. 88-99