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Excerpted from Power Sewing Step-By-Step

Power Sewing: Choices and Techniques for Binding

Add a lively touch to jacket and vest edges with these options for binding

by Sandra Betzina

Open or download the 3-page PDF file below. (Requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print PDF files.)

(Download should take approximately 1 minute on a 56K modem)
From grainline changes and walking ease to mastering all of the possible zipper applications, Power Sewing Step-By-Step includes the best of my Power Sewing books as well as many, many new techniques.

I am continually inspired by techniques I see in ready-to-wear, and I love the challenge of figuring out "how they do that." You will find many of these techniques in Power Sewing Step-By-Step, including inserting a zipper opening in a pocket; adding an elasticized waistband; choosing interfacing and knowing where to put it; making fast, profession al hems; creating innovative pockets; trimming a neckline with tiny bias binding; as well as a slick, professional method for joining the bias ends on a neckline. I also explain the nuances of each technique, so you'll get professional, flawless results.

In this excerpt, you'll find ways to use binding to add a lovely touch to a jacket or vest.

Power SewingAbout the author: Sandra Betzina is the dynamic host of HGTV's Sew Perfect and the author of Fast Fit, Fabric Savvy and the Power Sewing series of books and videos. She has recently debuted her own line of patterns for the Vogue Pattern company called "Today's Fit by Sandra Betzina." She travels all over the United States and Canada as a lecturer, teacher, and guest on television sewing shows. She lives in San Francisco.

Photos: Jack Deutsch, Judi Rutz, Scott Phillips

From Power Sewing Step-By-Step,
pp. 41-43