Our Culture
Inspiration for Hands-on Living
The Taunton Press is a company committed to providing information that helps people express their creative imaginations. For every member of our team, that means we share two things: an appreciation for in-depth, expert content, and a determination to present it with integrity and accessibility.

The Taunton Press is located in Newtown, Connecticut, a rural community known for antiques, miles of equestrian trails, and its beautiful New England landscape.
The Taunton Press remains a family business, in which everyone shares the core values on which Paul and Jan Roman founded our company:

We treat each other fairly, honestly, with respect. We do the same for our customers.

By working collaboratively, combining our talents, experience and ideas, we provide greater quality.

We strive to provide the greatest value in the subject areas we cover.

Independent Thinking
Our readers value creativity. We do, too. And we recognize that creativity can only exist where people are free to think independently, to offer new ideas and new approaches. That's the only way to improve.

Through our products we teach our customers fundamental techniques and principles that empower them to create, improvise, and get better at the activities they pursue. In the same way, we value, honor, and promote creativity in our work at Taunton.