Work that inspires
The Taunton Press is located in Newtown, Connecticut, a rural community known for antiques, miles of equestrian trails, and its beautiful New England landscape.

We publish magazines, books, DVDs, and Web sites that help enthusiastic craftspeople improve their skills and expand their horizons. Most important, we help them learn from each other through our publications. Because all of the ideas and information we offer come straight from passionate experts in their craft, the result is in-depth, useful advice that inspires confidence and creativity, and allows people to take their craft to the next level.

Our company culture fosters hard work in an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation. Obviously, doing the kind of work we do takes a coordinated team effort, but The Taunton Press encourages a cross-pollination that goes well beyond the norm. From the Management Team that helps run the company to the market teams that play a key role in long-term planning and new initiatives, Taunton is committed to the use of teams that enables people from all parts of the company to work together.
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